The Society of Professional Women in Petroleum (SPWP) encourages member participation and welcomes guests to attend monthly meetings. To apply for membership, a prospective member must attend 3 out of 4 consecutive monthly meetings; the Board of Directors and the Membership review membership applications.
Benefits and What We Offer:
  • The opportunity to hear dynamic speakers within the petroleum industry.
  • Direct networking through resources and information available to our membership.
  • Receive monthly newsletters of scheduled activities and members-on-the-move.
  • Increase each members individual employers exposure by representing the company in SPWP.
  • Enhance technical knowledge in all areas of the petroleum industry through various education programs offered to our organization.
How to Become a Member:
  • Attend three (3) regular meetings within a four month period.
  • Submit an application for membership.
  • Be sponsored by an active member in good standing.